Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

A wonderful family Thanksgiving! All 3 daughters were here and happy to see each other. The two sons-in-law seemed to enjoy themselves, and, of course, Logan entertained everyone.

After dinner, we were taking family photos out in the front yard. As the girls and I closed in for a shot, a beautiful Queen butterfly flew between us and Joe who was holding the camera. It truly felt as if Mark was checking in with us. See what you think after looking at the photo. Look just above my head near the facing board of the house. Cool, eh?
Here's a photo of Logan and me. You can tell we're facing into the sun, but I just couldn't resist including it in this post. He is a beautiful boy inside and out. While we were preparing dinner, he found a framed photo of Mark and me from around 1985, and it was taken at the Gulf of Mexico beach at Matagorda. He brought the photo into the kitchen to show me. When I asked him who was in the photo, he said "You are Lulu!" Then, when I asked him who else was in the photo, he said "That's Daddy-Lulu!" So we now have an official name for the grandbabies to use when referring to Mark.

This is a photo of Kate and Joe, Logan's proud parents . They are expecting another little boy in May. Can you imagine how happy Logan will be to have a little brother? And can you imagine how busy they will be keeping up with those two boys?

Here's a nice one of Amanda and James. The newlyweds are happy and expecting a baby in June. There's a lot to be said for keeping faith, living in the present, taking life one step at a time and prayer! I need to tell my friend Robert about that--he'll smile, I'm sure.

Jenny is Logan's favorite playmate...hands down, no doubt about it. Here is one of Jenny with that gorgeous smile of hers. Perhaps life or a good job will lead her back to this area. Not that Fort Worth is that far, but it would be good to see her more often!

 And here is proof to Jenny that Logan can, indeed, fly! Notice the tongue--it helps with concentration! Like I said, he's a beautiful boy, and I'm sure Daddy-Lulu is glowing with love from above.
I'm so thankful that our family is intact and has become closer. This was the most incredible Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to Christmas!
Things do not change. We change.  Henry David Thoreau