Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holidays are upon us...

Jen and Brian are officially engaged! Theirs is such a sweet love story, and I'm elated for them. The wedding will be on August 4 at a terrific place on the San Gabriel River. Jen and I have made some dress hunting forays, and it seems that she is close to a decision. Just a glance of a photo of those two together will prove that they are meant to be...period. Welcome to the family Brian!

As we all know the holidays are almost here. Can't wait to share Christmas with my adorable grandsons, and I'm quite excited that I'll see Jen and Brian on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We've already discussed what activities we'll do--maybe walk Town Lake, definitely go to 34th Street to check out the lights, eat chili, maybe watch a movie--who knows, but I'm certain it will be fun and we'll have lots to smile about. Kate, Joe, Logan and Spencer will join us after naps on Christmas Day. There will be family time, opening gifts and sharing Christmas dinner.  Hopefully, we'll see Amanda, James and Jonah a few weeks after Christmas, but gosh, we will miss them until then.

Today is the last day of 2011 for UT employees as the university will close down until January 3. I'm looking forward to time off for rest and recreation. Asher and I have plans to walk the lake each day, and we'll also work on tricks that he has been learning. Caleb Lee and I will go to St. David's Rehab Hospital on Thursday, and, as always, both of us will leave there feeling richer than when we arrived.  And Caleb will have Canine Good Citizen recertification on January 8. Having the holiday break, we'll be able to brush up on the required test commands. I'm sure he'll pass with flying colors.

Oh, and speaking of the university--when I return on January 3, I will have 20 working days until I retire! Nice, eh? I'm looking forward to rest, my own schedule, time to truly garden and enough hours to actually do some in-depth training with Asher. A close friend (and my hair stylist), Eric, has been encouraging me to get a few chickens. Quite a few of my friends have them, and, aside from the initial setup, they are fairly low maintenance, affectionately interactive and give great eggs.  I've been interested in them for awhile now, but I'll have to think about that some more. Everyone who really knows me understands that I can never have too many animals around!

A bittersweet change--Moxie Lou has gone to her new family. Fostering rescues is incredibly rewarding, but it is understandable when love and affection grow between the rescued dog and the foster parent. I love Moxie Lou, and it was hard to let her go, yet it makes my heart sing with joy when I see her with her new mom, Mindy. They are a match meant to be!  Thank you, Mindy, for opening your life to Moxie.

Last night, I had a phone conversation with a long-time friend. Did you notice I didn't say "old" friend? : )  Fact is we've been friends since we were about 14 years old. It is such a blessing to have people in one's life that are consistent, supportive and loving, and this dear man is all of those and more. He understands me in a special way, and, when we connect after not being in touch for awhile, we simply pick up where we left off. It's very comfortable. We must have talked for over an hour--about our kids, grandchildren, our dogs, our high school years, Mark, retirement and much more. It's a stretch for both of us to believe we're actually old enough to have all of this life experience and additional generations! I didn't realize that I was a bit down before we talked, but I certainly noticed that I was in a great mood after. Thank you, Bobby!

2012 is looking like it will be a good year...let's see how it goes.

Be well,

A true friend is the best possession.
 Benjamin Franklin